Rockwool, Kingspan or Ceresit

We have three insulation options for our external insulation each is breathable, fire-proof and a good insulation material to use on existing walls with their uneven surfaces. | |


All existing walls contain moisture from years of rain and internal vapour pressure in the home. When the wall has insulation added to it the moisture needs to be able to ‘breathe’ through the insulation to dry out to avoid any moisture problems. Rockwool is very ‘breathable’ and it allows any moisture in the wall to pass through it. The render is also breathable, but water proof, allowing the moisture to pass easily to the outside air.

Fire Resistant

Rockwool is the only external insulation product on the market that is inherently fire resistant. When other insulation materials are used for external insulation they still have to use rockwool to achieve the fire rating at party walls and floors and around boiler flues.


Rockwool has a good environmental rating and is 97% recyclable.

Thermal looping

The special type of rockwool we use has a soft rear face which compresses to fill any roughness of the existing wall, such as a dash finish, to ensure there are no air gaps behind the insulation. This improves its insulating performance by preventing any convection heat loss in any air gaps that would otherwise be left.