External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is the best solution for achieving a warmer environment for the majority of homes. We have always focused on providing the best products, service and standard of finish in external wall insulation in the industry.

Our external insulation system involves mechanically fixing a minimum of 120mm of mineral fibre insulation, rockwool, to the external wall to achieve a U-value of 0.26 W/m2k which exceeds the Home Energy Saving scheme standard. A modern silicate epoxy waterproof render system is applied to the rockwool which consists of a 4mm base coat with an integral PVC reinforcing mesh followed by a further 4mm of undercoat. When these base coats are dry a bonding agent is applied and then the final finish coat is applied. The finished render is self-coloured.

What is the depth of external wall insulation?

130mm is the thickness of the insulation including the plaster (plaster 10mm)

What U Value is achieved with the external insulation?

We achieve a U Value of 0.26 which is better than the required standards

What render system do Ecofix use?

Ecofix can provide a selection of finishes to replicate your existing finish or to modernise your home. For example we can convert a pebble dash or brick finish to a self-cleaning render finish in a range of colours. Our sales representative will be delighted to talk you through the available options.

Are Ecofix NSAI approved installers?

Yes, Ecofix are NSAI approved installers

Are Ecofix SEAI registered?

Yes, Ecofix are SEAI registered. Contractors ID 10709

Are Ecofix registered to the Home Renovation incentive Scheme?

Yes, Ecofix are fully registered with the Home Renovation incentive Scheme and are affiliated to Electric Ireland.

External Wall Insulation Price Guidelines


Terrace from


  • Based on 50m2
  • 120mm Rockwool
  • Silicone finish
  • Price includes VAT, grants and tax reliefs being deducted

Semi Detatched

Semi Detached from


  • Based on 90m2
  • 120mm Rockwool
  • Silicone finish
  • Price includes VAT, grants and tax reliefs being deducted


Detatched from


  • Based on 130m2
  • 120mm Rockwool
  • Silicone finish
  • Price includes VAT, grants and tax reliefs being deducted

As a VAT registered and tax compliant registered contractor, Durkan Ecofix can offer its clients additional tax incentives to undertake energy upgrade works. This comes under the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme (See guide attached) and was launched in the budget 2013.

To give a quick summary of this, if you have a semi-detached house and are getting your home externally insulated at an approximate cost of €12,000. The total deductible is a factor of 3 times the grant monies received, in this case €2,700, which equate to €8,100. Therefore the qualifying expenditure for income tax relief is €3,900 times 13.5% which equates to €526.5