At Ecofix we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our work is clean, thorough and finished to the finest detail. For every homeowner this is reflected in how we keep the site area clean throughout the whole insulation process.

Home heat loss – Where do you lose most of your heat?

External Walls











We install as standard a special plinth detail to all homes, using a rigid insulation board of extruded polystyrene which is tough, durable and does not absorb moisture. This plinth is rendered, a minimum of 150 mm high, and recessed to form a ‘drip’ with the main plane of insulation on the wall. The plinth is a traditional detail and protects the insulation from mechanical damage.


We install a new pre-formed powder coated aluminium sill to extend the sill to cover the thickness of the external insulation and render. These sills do not rust, require no maintenance and are waterproof. Each sill is individually measured and specially made for each window to ensure a perfect watertight finish. There are a number of colour choices available for the powder coated sill.

small_cPipe Work

All external pipe work is removed, extended and returned into existing connections so no ground works are required. This is necessary to allow the external insulation system to completely cover the wall. All cast iron pipes will be replaced by Ecofix with PVC pipework as cast iron cracks very easily when it is removed.


All window and door reveal render is removed (where necessary) and insulated with a high performance insulation board to whatever thickness is possible given the window detail. This reduces the amount of cold bridging and heat loss in these areas.


small_eESB & Gas

All ESB and Gas meter boxes will be worked around with a finished detail as we are prohibited from moving them by the utility companies. All work near any ESB overhead wiring is done in accordance with the ESB’s Method Statement and approved detail.