Air Tightness

Airtightness focuses on the elimination of all unintended gaps and cracks on the internal and external envelope of the building.  Airtightness is a crucial part of creating a comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient living and draft free environment. There are many factors which can cause air leakage such as poor build design, poor workmanship, or indeed the inappropriate materials used.

At Ecofix we pride ourselves in delivering world class levels of airtightness in both the new build and in retrofit consistently achieving Passive house and Enerphit standard’s.

Methods Ecofix used to achieve airtightness:

  • Consultation: Consulting with the building owners and design team before the project starts results in a more competitive method of achieving airtightness and achieveing the airtightness target.

  • Training: At Ecofix our managers and fitters are Passive House Approved and our standards are continuously monitored by means of a blower door test where there is no room for error.

  • Materials: Use of the correct material’s is crucial to achieving both efficiency methods of fixing and ensuring world class results.

  • Technology: Use of VRM enabling us to monitor quality and efficiencies.

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