About Ecofix

Ecofix Ltd is part of the established Durkan Residential Group of companies with over 40 years experience in the building industry. The family construction business was established in the 1960’s and the group is one of the larger family development companies in Ireland. This experience in the construction of new homes has provided the platform wall for the delivery of a quality retrofitting service with our established site team of technicians.

Ecofix was the first new company set up to specifically provide a unique service to the emerging home retrofit industry and is currently the largest installer of external insulation in Ireland.

Ecofix has invested significant resources in ensuring we provide a professional service in your home and deliver workmanship which achieves a high quality of finish. Our focus on details and product specification coupled with extensive research in building physics has established Ecofix as the industry leader as a ‘One Stop Shop’ service provider. No one else offers such a comprehensive range of independent home insulation products and services.